Spring wishlist - bags

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Fashion is not only about clothes but also accessories. Without the right accessories, any outfit would be dull and plain.

I always loved shoes, I had an obsession when I was younger and the maximum amount of shoes I had (yes, I used to count them) was 150 pairs! That's crazy, right? Who needs to own so many pairs of shoes? But I did, I wanted to buy every single pair and sometimes I bought a pair in every single color available. 

These days, I buy only what I need and the amount of shoes I own at the moment is under 100. And as a fashion and trends lover, I got to love other accessories as well, such as scarves, jewellery and bags. I used to be that girl who owned only two bags, one for winter (usually a black handbag) and a white for summer. But these days my bag collection has grown a lot and I can't have enough of these beautiful pieces, especially straw summer bags that are everywhere at the moment. 

In spring we wear more colorful clothes and accessories and I must admit, I adore colorful bags paired with monochromatic outfits. A total white outfit looks amazing with a yellow or a pink handbag. A total black outfit looks great with a blue or green bag. It's up to you to do the color combinations. 

And summer means beach which means straw and basket bags. I have been using and loving them for every day use too and I need to pick more!

Here are my picks for spring 2019 from Newchic.
Crossbody bag           Bohemian bag

Two-piece yellow bag                                   Beach bag

      Pineapple tote bag                          Round rattan handbag

           Summer straw bag                       Straw tassel handbag

Rainbow bag                                        Vacation bag

Transparent bag                             Pink pom pom beach bag

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