Do you like jumpsuits?

Jumpsuits are the most impractical thing to wear, everyone knows that. But I love them. In January, I took advantage the sales and bought four jumpsuits from the spring/summer collection of New Look, they had an amazing sale at that time and I was keep adding to cart (insert shame emoticon!).

Recently, we went to a wedding and I had the 'fine' idea to wear a jumpsuit. I had a couple of drinks and when I had to visit the loo, it took me literally 5 minutes to undone the zip and buttons and belt etc. It was a nightmare. Then, two drinks later, I needed to go again. Only the thought of doing this again and again when I wanted to visit the bathroom made me swear not to buy another jumpsuit in my life.

But jumpsuits are so different from dresses. You feel amazing and confident when wearing one. And taller! And powerful. 

I recently received this beautiful jumpsuit* from SheIn and the color is so vibrant and pretty. It has one shoulder and looks so elegant. Can be worn all day depending on the accessories you will use, from morning until evening and even at a formal event with a nice pair of high heels, a gold clutch and a gold necklace. I wish I picked a larger size, it's a little bit tight for me now I gained weight, size medium would be perfect. 

Will I buy a jumpsuit again? Of course I will! They are impractical but I feel amazing when wearing one so I will break my oath of not purchasing more and I will keep adding  to my cart!

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Do you wear jumpsuits? 

*I received this item for review purposes, all opinions are my own and 100% honest. 
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