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What is your dream holiday destination? The one you always wanted to visit but it's somehow difficult to do so.
Mine is Maldives. Or Hawaii. Both tropical places, I always dream about visiting either of these two destinations, enjoying the beach and white sand and sipping my tropical cocktail under the palm trees and doing absolutely nothing but staring at the endless blue of the sea.

I live in Cyprus which is one of the best summer destinations  in Europe, but when you live here, it doesn't actually feel like vacation. I know, you would say that others pay a huge amount in plane tickets and hotels in order to visit my beautiful island and I would be ungrateful to want to visit another country that offers what Cyprus does, sun, beautiful beaches and nightlife but you know that feeling when you are getting ready to travel abroad and approach the airport gate ready to take off? Well, that's what I am talking about. That feeling!! The excitement of traveling to a new destination and exploring a new place! 

A vacation for me starts by the time we arrive at the airport, I always get excited when we approach the airport, my husband says that it's like having a kid entering a candy store!

So for now, it's this place since we are not planning to travel anytime soon. It's a beautiful place too, don't you think?

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