What's in my summer bag

I am one of those people who carry a huge bag with a million things in it. For real. I carry every single unnecessary item in my bag. In winter, it gets worse. 

Every morning, I just add more things in my bag before I leave my house, 'just in case I need them', as if I live in a country that doesn't sell bobby pins or hair ties in every corner. But what to do? I need to have all necessary things with me so inevitably, my bag is full of products.

Us women want to feel ready for every occasion that's why we always carry too many things in our bag. These days, I tried to limit the things I carry with me every day and here they are:

Sunglasses - my number one item that I have with me 365 days a year. I can't go out without my sunglasses nor I can drive, my eyes are too sensitive to be out in the sun without them so there is always a pair in my bag.

Lip balm - a must have product for summer but in winter too, my lips tend to get dry due to the extreme weather temperatures. I am currently using the OhYeahh! lip balms* which is described by the brand as the happy balm! It moisturizes my lips and it's available in 5 shades and each shade leaves a lovely color on the lips.

Hair ties - sun is out, the weather get warmer so my hair is always up. The Invisibobble* makes sure I keep my hair up in a bun without causing hair breakage or split ends and can be used in wet or dry hair too. Either it's a high ponytail or a voluminous bun I want to create, this product is perfect for me!

Water spray - I have been using the Rose of Bulgaria natural rose water for years and it's a product I will forever repurchase. It refreshes and moisturises my skin whenever needed during the day and rose water has anti-bacterial properties, revitalizes the skin and helps cleanse pores. I wrote a post on the benefits of using rose water in our skincare routine, have a look here.

Face mist - hot days require a facial mist and even though I use the rose water spray, I tend to carry this one from Etude House too. Perfect to refresh my skin and the size of it is ideal for a small purse.

Hand Cream - I can't leave the house without a hand cream in my bag. I can leave all other products behind, but I can't go out without a hand cream. I have the habit of applying it after I wash my hands and this natural hand cream with olive oil makes sure my hands are moisturised and soft. Love it!

Sunscreen - as I wrote in a previous post, probably the most important skincare product to use. It's really important to use it every single day and re-apply during the day. These days, I am using the Frezyderm Velvet Second Skin SPF50+ Sunscreen*, a lightweight cream that is absorbed instantly and leaves a velvet matte finish. 

I am also using the AgPharm Tinted Sunscreen SPF50+* that I received a few weeks ago that provides high protection against UVA and UVB. It contains Vitamin E, pomegranate extracts and creates a protective and water-resistant film.

Last but not least, a lovely bronzer I have been using lately from Sunkissed, the Metallic Bronze Blush that gives me a lovely natural glow on my cheeks. I have been using this product a lot lately and I re-apply during the day since it doesn't last for long on my cheeks with this heat.

What are your every day essentials that you carry in your bag? Share them below in the comments. 

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday my beautiful friends and I will see you soon.
*PR products

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