DIY Straw Bag

Hello my lovely friends! How are you today? I am back with the most amazing DIY I have ever done, well, my wedding DIYs are my favourite but fashion related, this is my #1.

Straw bags are everywhere and everyone has been obsessing over them. I have one large beach basket bag and also a straw clutch bag that I use all the time now in summer.

I decided to make a round bag using two place mats, can you believe I made this beautiful bag using placemats?

It took me about half an hour to make it and I used:
-two round placemats
-glue gun
-a large fabric to place for the lining and also on the round part of the bag
-a belt strap

So let's see the steps one by one.

First, I cut the black fabric and glued it on the inside of the two placemats. I trimmed any excess left.

Second, I cut a long fabric at about 6-7cm thick to glue around the placemats and connect the two parts together. You need to be careful on your measurements, I made a mistake and on the left side of the bag, the fabric is smaller than the other part but it's no big deal and not noticeable. I left the top part open, I wanted to add a zip but I don't have a sewing machine so I just left it like this.

Last, I found an old bag strap that I didn't use, and glued it at the two ends that are open.

And here is the end result!! So easy to make, you only have to be patient when gluing the fabric, you don't want the glue to be spilled on the outside (I did small parts and waited for them to dry).

What do you think? It's so cool isn't it? And costs less than 5 euros. I would love to see your creations if you are planning to make one yourself, send me your diys!!!

Hope you are having a beautiful day and I will see you soon!

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