Frezyderm Sunscreen Velvet Second Skin Technology Face SPF50+

Have you ever tried a product that as soon as you apply it on your face it 'melts' and gives you the most perfect and velvety finish? I am talking about the Frezyderm Sunscreen Velvet Second Skin Technology Face SPF50+* that I have been using lately.

Frezyderm is a brand I started to explore a few months ago and all my friends use and rave about their sunscreen products for years. I haven't had the chance to try these products until recently, where a lovely package arrived in my doorstep with these two products to try and test.

Frezyderm Sunscreen Velvet Second Skin Technology Face SPF50+*
If you want a sunscreen that is lightweight, absorbs quickly and protects, this is ideal for you. It is a light gel and two pumps are needed to cover the whole face. 

Thanks to the revolutionary Second Skin Technology innovation, its unique formula leaves a velvety feel on the skin, offers a matte appearance for 6 hours, absorbs sebum and softens the appearance of wrinkles. Its clear, non-oily texture leaves no white tint and makes an excellent makeup foundation. 

Prevents signs of photo-aging and protects against discoloration caused by sun exposure. I haven't used a sunscreen before that didn't leave my skin oily after a few hours before using this one, so it has a non-oily texture. The gel is yellowish, so no white tint here and it allows skin to breathe. 

Frezyderm Sunscreen Velvet Color Second Skin Technology SPF 50+*
A velvety tinted facial sunscreen that melts into the skin. The cream provides very high protection from the sun and an even colour tone. The tint covers discolouration, scars and skin imperfections. The revolutionary Second Skin Technology creates the feeling of an invisible 'second skin'. 

It matches my tanned skin and leaves a velvety feeling, provides a matte finish and softens the appearance of wrinkles. The cream also prevents signs of photoageing caused by sun exposure. The tint matches with all skin tones to offer perfect, discreet coverage and a flawless, even complexion and it gives me an invisible 'second skin', so yes, the claims are true. 

A colleague of mine bought this too after I recommended to her a few days after using it. She commented that my skin looked extremely smooth and asked if I ''had done anything'' (she meant cosmetic therapy) because my skin looked flawless. Her skin tone is lighter than mine and this product adjusts perfectly to her skin tone and looks flawless too, leaving a matte velvety finish.

 Velvety feeling
 Matte finish for 6 hours, absorbs excess oil and sebum
 Softens the appearance of wrinkles
 Water resistant
 Allows skin to breathe
 Non-oily texture

Have you tried these products or any other products from Frezyderm?

*I received these products for free but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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