My workout routine

Hello everyone!! And happy new week. I feel that I say that every time I post something new. Mondays come so quickly, I feel that the weekend goes extremely fast, 24 hours in a day are not enough to do everything I want to do, and with my wedding preparations, my weekends are always so busy.

I was never a fan of exercising, well I was when I was younger but I have always been very fond of walking. I enjoyed walking so much and I still do, it's an easy way to exercise every day and ideal for those who don't love extreme routines. 

My wedding is in 3 months (omg omg omg) so a few months ago, I started a routine to make me feel good about my body and also keep me fit for the wedding day.

It's not a big deal, but I would love to share what works for me. It's an easy routine and everyone can do it.

-30 minutes walking
-jumping jacks 3x20
-squats 3x20
-lunges 3x10
-butt kicks 3x20
-wall sit (for as much as I can)
-crunches (until I feel tired)

You can do this routine as many times as you want.

As a fan of youtube, I don't only watch hauls or makeup tutorials but exercise routines too. My faves include:

Blogilates - Cassey has created routines that everyone can do and also, she uploaded her new series, the bridal bootcamp which is just perfect for me.

Keira Lashae - for more intense workouts, check this video for a 10 minute dance workout and also the Latin Fat Burn Sizzle Workout. Exercise and having fun at the same time! Her Dancing Abs workout is also one of my faves.

I used to do Zumba classes, now I do them at home and these videos are super fun and easy to follow:
Dale Fuego

Of course, new workout clothes give me all the motivation in the world and when I received this lovely pair of leggings from Koral, I couldn't wait to try them and get outside!

Last but not least, put any song you like and dance like it's no tomorrow!! I always do that when I am alone at home!!!

What is your best way to exercise?

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