Upgrade your old straw bag with pom poms - diy

Hello girls! I am so excited for today's post for the reason that I will show you how to upgrade an old straw bag by using pom poms. It is an easy tutorial and it took me about 30 minutes to complete it. Pom poms are everywhere at the moment: bags, shoes, dresses, tops. They upgrade an outfit or an accessory and I love that they are so colourful you can play with them in any colour combination. So let's see the tutorial of this bag, shall we?

What we will need:

* a straw bag
* colourful pom poms
* strong glue

Start by adding the pom poms perimetrical and choose your best colour combination. You can use 2-3 colours if you want but I chose all colours in the bag to make it more fun.

I also glued 2 different sizes of pom poms in the middle of the bag, to hide the old design of it since it has faded through the years and looked ugly. 

You can also add tassels if you want, tassels look so nice in everything and tassels are so on trend right now. I am also thinking of doing another diy and add some tassels on a black dress I have and not wear that much, maybe if I add some colour to it, I will love it more and wear it more often.

And this is the final result! It changed completely and it is so much fun, I plan to use it at the beach and in times when I wear a simple monochrome outfit like this black dress, looks so nice with a simple dress don't you think?

Are you a fan of DIY for summer? Are you planning to make anything?? Tell me your ideas!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you soon!! 

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