Summer lovin - my summer essentials

Summer has made its entrance since June and I couldn't be happier about it, I love summer. We have been experiencing high temperatures since the middle of May and last week we had a heatwave and days with 44 degrees, can you please imagine that? 44 degrees in the middle of the day!! Since the change in temperature, the change in mood, skincare and wardrobe was almost immediate. 

There are no between seasons here, we go from cold winter to hot summer and from jackets to off shoulder tops and shorts.

I consider myself lucky to live on an island and with the beach in 20 minutes distance from here, yes, I am definitely a lucky gal.  Today I have my summer essentials and items I use regularly since the beginning of summer.

Sunscreen - it is really important to use a sunscreen and protect our skin from the damaging rays of the sun. I use three suncare products at the moment, I recently wrote a post about them here. Sunscreen is a must not only for summer but for every season, even in winter when the sun is closer to us can do harm so make sure you don't neglect wearing your spf.

Body Oil - the dry hot weather, the salt of the beach and the fact that our skin is more exposed in summer because we wear less clothes, make our skin dryer than ever so I make sure I use a body cream, a body butter or a body oil during the day and every day. Body oils are extremely moisturizing and leave a nice glow on the skin. Body oils also leave skin soft and smooth without being greasy or heavy which is really important in summer since hot temperatures require less stickiness and fast absorption.

Water Spray - for me, this is the most important step in my routine besides cleansing. I always carry one in my handbag and I always keep one in the fridge during the hot days of summer. Water sprays are refreshing and cooling and I tried many of them. 

The Avene Thermal Spray is by far my favourite, I also tried the Evian water spray, one from La Roche Posay and one from Beauty Formulas. I am also using rose water which is beneficial to my skin, it has anti-bacterial properties, hydrates and helps to cleanse pores (review of the Ikarov Rose Water here and  benefits and ways to use rose water here). Next on my list is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rose Water.

Aloe Vera gel - Aloe Vera is nature's miracle to our body. It is a plant that is well known for its various benefits and healing properties. It can be used to moisturize skin, treat sunburn, treat acne and improve elasticity of the skin. I have two plants in my garden and I was introduced to this miracle plant many years ago by my mum. I prefer to use the all natural liquid from the plant's leaves but I recently bought the Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel to carry with me while on holidays and to use when my skin is in need of extra hydration.

Cold Shoulder dresses - How fun is this trend? I received this cute dress a while ago from Zaful and it's so pretty, I already worn it a couple of times and the lace detail at the bottom is so beautiful. It combines three elements that I love in a dress - stripes, lace and cold shoulders.  I think this trend is here to stay!

Sunglasses - sunglasses are not only a fashion item but a necessary protection for our eyes. There are so many to choose from and as you see from the picture above, cat-eye style is my favourite and suits my face shape best. I wear sunglasses 365 days when I am outside of the house and I cannot drive without them. My eyes get watery and itchy so they are a must for me.

Off shoulder tops - my love for off shoulder tops has grown since last summer and I also wrote a post a while ago on how to style a white off shoulder top (here). There is something about exposing our shoulders that makes us feel feminine and I have been also stocking on off shoulder dress too. More fashion posts coming!

Coral nail polish - my favourite colour for summer! Coral looks so nice on tanned hands and legs and I have been stocking on coral nail polish since last summer. I added a few new coral colours a couple of weeks ago and I cannot wait show off my lovely tan and beautiful coral nails.

What are your summer essentials a.k.a. products you use all the time in summer?

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