On Wednesdays we wear pink

I expressed my love for pink a million times here on my blog. I cannot help it! I love pink. Any kind and any shade of pink. I love it on my clothes, summer dresses, accessories, bags, necklaces, earrings, scarves, pink makeup, give me anything pink and I will love you forever.

If you are a pink lover too, I have some key pieces for your summer wardrobe. I always find myself browsing on several online shops, if I have spare time or if I am at home relaxing, I will enter an online website and browse for hours (and add to cart!).

1. Pink One Piece Swimsuit   2. Pink Ruffle Dress 

3. Pink Velvet Shoes      4. Pink Sunglasses 

 5. Pink Flamingo Bag      6. Pink Drop Earrings 

 7. Pink Tassel Earrings     8. Pink Baseball Cap 

 9. Pink Scalloped Bikini 10. Pink Off Shoulder Top 

 11. Pink Handbag Set 12. Pink Bodysuit 

13.Pink Ombre Makeup Brushes Set

If you are heading to somewhere exotic where beach and cocktails are involved, this pink scalloped bikini is perfect for the beach or this pink striped one piece. I have been obsessing over one piece swimsuits this year even though I made a promise to myself a few years ago that I would never wear one piece swimsuit to the beach. Only the thought of wearing this made me feel like grandma. But our preferences and taste changes throughout the years so one piece swimsuits are what I love at the moment. 

Want to glam things up? Add a pair of long earrings like these tassel earrings or these gorgeous pink drop earrings (I am ordering both pairs) and this pair of sunglasses. You will probably look like Barbie, but who cares! Pink is cute, sweet, romantic and feminine. And perfect companion to your Pina Colada or Strawberry Margarita, oh boy I wish I had one right now.

This post is in collaboration with Rosegal.

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