W7 'The Nudes' lipsticks

I've talked about the W7 lipsticks in the past and how much I love them. From the moment I discovered this brand I became obsessed. The W7 products are extremely affordable (you know this girl loves nice and affordable products) and their lipsticks come in a variety of shades you wouldn't know which one to choose. And this girl chooses everything she sees!

I purchased three of ''The Nudes'' lipsticks and I chose Vanilla, Latte and Cashmere.

Packaging: I really love the inner packaging. When you remove the cap, the inside is a lovely silver bullet that looks expensive. It reminds me so much of the Rimmel The Nudes lipsticks.

But the cap on the outside looks cheap, it's just a simple plastic cap and the colours look 'old', if you know what I mean. But something I really like is the fact that the tube is exactly the colour of the lipstick. This makes it easier to find the one you want and at the bottom there is the name of each shade.  

Formula: these lipsticks are super creamy and moisturizing. They are great in the case of wanting to try something different on your lips or you had enough of the 'dry matte liquid lipstick trend' that is going on at the moment. I purchased quite a lot of matte/dry lipsticks lately but I always reach for the creamier ones that feel comfortable on the lips.  These are quite pigmented and one swipe will give you great colour but I always build up my lipsticks to make them look darker and more intense.

Since they are creamy and moisturizing and have a buttery texture, these lipsticks do not stay on the lips for more than 1-2 hours. Which is fine by me, I always carry the one I am wearing in my bag and re-apply whenever needed. They leave a satin/silky finish on the lips, like a tinted lip balm would do. 

Another characteristic I like, is the vanilla scent. When I swatched these lipsticks at the back of my hand and then removed them, the scent stayed for a long time and it stays on the lips too. I really love when lipsticks have a sweet vanilla scent.

I am glad I picked these three lipsticks, they are perfect for a natural makeup look and they are extremely comfortable to wear!

I remember lots of you lovely readers commenting on previous posts I did of some W7 lipsticks and some of you said you could not find W7 products in your country, which is a pity and I know how you feel. There are so many brands I would love to buy that are not available in my country and I would love to try and swatch their products before ordering them online. But I know for sure that W7 cosmetics are available on amazon so you can try to find some products there if you want.

I hope you are having an amazing Sunday and I will see you soon!

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