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After two weeks, 25 cups of coffee and 3425259 photos, I finally managed to finish this post. I wrote it two weeks ago and had it ready, but taking photos of these products was such a pain. Cloudy days are a nightmare. I took the first bunch of photos on a Saturday, the second the next day, then I had to do it all over again in the next weekend since the first two bunches were horrible. 

All pictures were grey and not fixable so I had to discard and do it again. And thank god for coffee, if I didn't have a cup of coffee near me while doing this, my nerves would be in a terrible condition right now. I am not pleased with these photos either but they are the best so far so here you have it.

VICHY Purete Thermale Foaming Water
I talked about this cleanser on a review I did last year (review here) and how much I love it. It comes in the cutest pink bottle, it is liquid inside the bottle but produces a thick and soft foam when pumped out. It cleanses very well my skin without drying it and leaves it soft and fresh.
Recommend? Yes.
Repurchase? Totally.

Loreal Paris Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash
I finished this gel wash a long time ago but I remember all about it's effectiveness. It is designed for normal to combination skin and it is gentle to the skin, however, it does a poor job in removing makeup and dirt from the face. If I wore makeup, I had to make sure I removed everything with a micellar water and then wash my face with this, otherwise I would have to use another cleansing product since half the makeup was still there after washing my face. On days when I had no makeup on it was good, left a clean and refreshed skin but I noticed it dried my skin a little so I had to use a moisturizing cream or a serum immediately. 
Recommend? No.
Repurchase? No.

Declare Cleansing Gel
I have been using this one for quite some time now and this mild gel is dermatologically tested and suitable for normal - combination skin. It doesn't lather much when applied, but it deep-cleanses the skin leaving it super soft and smooth. It is incredibly gentle to the skin and does not dry it after wash. With other cleansing gels I always felt that I had to use a moisturising cream immediately after I washed my face, it felt so dry and tight. But this gel does not irritate my skin, it leaves it fresh and silky soft.
Recommend? Yes.
Repurchase? I already have.

Beauty Formulas Charcoal Detox Cleanser
Very pleased with this cleanser, it is really effective, it removes everything from my face, controls oiliness and even removes makeup. However, I felt my skin a little dry after using this cleanser but is was not a big problem since I was so glad to see my skin extra clean. I would love it if the liquid lathered more, I love to have a thick foam to work with when washing my face and something I didn't like is the fact that the lid of the packaging did not close properly, leaving it slightly open and making me worry about bacteria entering in. Furthermore, it was a great experience when using this one and I have never used a black coloured cleanser before and the process was so much fun.
Recommend? Yes.
Repurchase? Probably not.

BYPHASSE Gel Demaquillant Purifiant Tous Types De Peaux
I purchased this while I was in Greece last summer when I forgot to take a face cleanser with me and I liked it a lot. In summer, my skin tends to get more oily than usual and this cleanser was extremely effective in removing oils and dirt from my face. It is paraben and soap free and has pH neutral formula. The only downside is the fact that is doesn't lather at all when combined with water, it is a gel that is applied as it is on the face and stays that way. As I mentioned above, I like products that produce a large amount of foam to work with. On the bright side, it does not dry the skin out and it is suitable for all skin types.
Recommend? Yes.
Repurchase? No, only because we don't have it here.

Messinian Spa Orange & Cucumber Face Wash
I purchased this cleanser from an online pharmacy in Greece among with other greek products and I really enjoyed using it. Gentle, with a lovely fresh scent of orange and cucumber, it cleanses well leaving a refreshed and soft skin. Also, due to the addition of organic olive oil, it does not dry the skin but in the contrary, it leaves it smooth, hydrated and fresh. Nevertheless, it does not remove makeup effectively but it is an excellent second step cleanser.
Recommend? Yes.
Repurchase? In the near future.

Erre Due Purifying Cleansing Gel
Ok, with this one I cheated since it is not completely empty, but I have no intention to continue using it since I does not do anything for me and I will throw it away as soon as I complete this review. Using this product, I felt that my skin was not cleaned and I felt dirt all over my face, so when I finished washing it, I always had to apply a toner or a micellar water in order to clean it. And to my surprise, the cotton pad picked up so much dirt and I kept wondering why this gel does not do anything where it should cleanse even the oilier and dirtier skin.  
Recommend? No.
Repurchase? No.

Clean & Clear Advantage Oil Control Cream Wash
I finished this cleanser a week ago and it was one of the best cleansers I used lately. It controls shine and cleanses really well and on days when I have breakouts or having a pimple or two due to ''that time of the month'' it manages to minimize and clean my skin. I was really impressed. It is a cream cleanser and I usually prefer gel texture in a face wash, but this one does an excellent job.
Recommend? Yes.
Repurchase? Definitely.

Are you obsessed with having a clean face as I am? What is your favourite cleanser? Give me some ideas on what I should try next.

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