Essence The False Lashes Mascara - Dramatic Volume Unlimited

On the search to find the perfect drugstore mascara, I probably tried over 25 mascaras but I haven't found the one yet. Essence is well known for their great formulas in mascaras and I also tried many from Essence, some great and some not, some giving volume and not length and some giving length without the volume or curling effect. My favourite ever is the Essence Big Lashes Volume Boost mascara but I cannot find it anymore in stores, so maybe it's discontinued.

The Essence The False Lashes Dramatic Volume Unlimited mascara is from their Fall and Winter collection but it arrived last week here so I had to try it. The last mascara I tried from Essence was the Essence Princess False Lash Effect Mascara that I reviewed last year and was a huge disappointment, however, it has great reviews all around the blogosphere but I was not pleased.

Thankfully, this is not the case with this one. Because dear friends and fellow bloggers, this mascara is a dream and apart from the long and huge name this mascara has, so are the lashes it gives after application: long and huge!

The packaging is a basic white tube with a black wand, simple and nothing special but I really like the colours Essence always chooses for their products. 

It does what it promises to do. It gives the effect of false lashes, dramatic volume without clamping and gives amazing length.  I believe the size of the brush helps a lot, it is small and has a conic shape and at the end it is pointy and smaller and this is what makes the difference since it reaches even the tiniest lash. I haven't used a mascara with such a small brush recently, but it is so easy to use and coat the lashes with it.  I also noticed my lashes to be curled which is a bonus; volume, length and curl? Is this for real?

(the bad quality of the pictures do not do justice,
 my lashes were huge in person)

Great length? Yes!
Thick lashes? Yes!
Dramatic look? Yes!
False lash effect? Yes!

The formula of this mascara is creamy and wet which I really like and sometimes it picks too much product on the brush and needs to be cleaned before applying it. It lasts about 5-6 hours before flaking and gives a deep black colour. 

I also use this mascara on my lower lashes and it works brilliantly. But please, do not apply more than three coats to your lashes since the effect will look awkward and fake, two or three coats give the perfect amount for a natural, dramatic and false look. 

If you see this mascara in your local drugstore, please do me a favour and try it. It is truly amazing and for the price, it is ridiculous to pay more than Eur3.50 since this one is what you really need.

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