KIKO Milano Urban Sheen Lip Gloss

After all the hype of matte and dry liquid lipsticks, one would think: who on earth wears a lip gloss in 2017?  Personally, I haven't worn a lip gloss for at least 5 years since I hate my lips feeling sticky and also, my long hair always gets stuck on my lips if I wear one. Plus, many brands stopped producing lip glosses since there are other trends that brands focus on, such as lip stains and liquid lipsticks.

The Kiko Milano Urban Sheen Lip Gloss is not exactly a lip gloss; it is a moisturising lip product in pencil that has the effect of a lip gloss, and leaves juicy lips and bright colour. Another way to describe this product, it's like a lip balm but more pigmented and wet. This product is water resistant and parabens free and there are six shades to choose from and I picked two, I should have picked more since I love them so much but am not placing any orders soon so these two are for now. 

The packaging is adorable, the pencil is in the cutest mini form and so easy to pop in your handbag and carry it around and also, it would be perfect to carry while travelling.

The two colours I chose are 02 Vibrant Camellia and 03 Glamour Magnolia. 

Vibrant Camellia 02 is a soft natural pink shade
Glamour Magnolia 03 is a beautiful pink shade with red undertones. 

Beautiful shades
Super moisturising 
Nice pigmentation
Super cute mini pencil that it easy to carry 
Smooth application
Sheer colour
Semi-matte finish
Staying power of 2 hours
Transfers on anything

These lip glosses are great to pop to your bag and use them on days when you are not wearing makeup or running errands or even for natural makeup, they will moisturise the lips and give them a hint of colour.

Although these products are not long lasting and do not give a great amount of colour, I really enjoy using them and my lips love them. 

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