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I was introduced to the Youth Lab cosmetics* a few months ago and after using their products for the last couple of months, I decided this is the best time to write my review.  I received a bag full of amazing products, including the Daily cleanser and CC cream in full size but also, I received lots of samples of face masks, serums and day & night cream, all of them have been used and truly loved!

Youth Lab cosmetics is a fairly new company from Greece and their philosophy is to offer a range of advanced skincare products aiming to enhance skin's metabolism for a healthier look.

Youth Lab states that through age and exposure to constant environmental hazards, (such as smog, smoke and sun), our systems start to perform below average, resulting in slower cell communication and the well known skin disfigurations, such as dullness, dark spots and of course wrinkles.

By selecting the right skin products for us, we can keep our skin’s metabolism in high levels and thus, restore a youthful and healthy look for our skin.  Each product targets a different skin metabolism function and is enriched with active ingredients, especially designed to balance the specific function.

So it's all about how metabolism functions and what factors make this process slower. 

The Youth Lab CC Cream* is one of those products that you get excited to use. Do you ever get that feeling? I always get excited to apply a lipstick and to choose which one will compliment my makeup but I never felt this way with a skincare product.

This cream has the thickest texture that I ever tried in a BB or CC cream and I love the fact that I only need a small amount. This cream moisturises my skin, gives medium coverage and regulates sebum. After a few minutes of application, this cream is completely matte on my skin which I really like, since I almost never use a setting powder. It leaves skin feeling fresh and the medium coverage is perfect for every day use.

It has a pleasant scent that disappears during the day. Don't worry, the scent is nothing intense and totally bearable on the skin, it is a mix of fruits and powder that fades after a few minutes.

The Youth Lab Daily Cleanser* is especially designed for combination to oily skin and it is gentle enough to cleanse the whole face, even to use on the eyes. It creates a rich foam and I love to use the cleansing brush that came with it to make sure every inch of makeup, impurities or oil are removed from my face. It leaves my face feeling fresh and you can honestly feel your face extra clean, which is really important and I believe they did an amazing job with this product. 

This cleanser is half empty now and I tried to use only this one in the last couple of months since I wanted to have a complete and right judgement as per how this product works and what it does for my skin. And I like it a lot and I will re-purchase it for sure. A cleanser that leaves my skin clean and fresh is a winner!

I also received these lovely sachets that I can proudly say I used them all up and enjoyed every single one. My favourite is the Youth Lab Thirst Relief Mask. It is a rich creamy mask that hydrates skin to the fullest, repairs skin's barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature ageing. I am definitely buying this face mask in full size, I really loved using it and it felt really great on my skin. I want to continue using it so I will buy this one next. It is also paraben and gluten free. 

I would love to try the Youth Lab Oxygen Cleansing Milk too, however, I am not very font of using cleansing milks but only the name of it intrigues me so much and also, I would love to try the Youth Lab Restoring Serum that is suitable for all skin types and has anti-wrinkling and firming action, what is better to use at the age of 36?

I am really pleased with these products, it's nice when I discover a new brand that offers amazing products suitable for my skin and the people in Youth Lab Cosmetics did a great job. I totally recommend this brand and you can find more information and their products here

Have you ever heard of Youthlab Cosmetics before? Have you recently discovered a new skincare brand that you love? 

*I received these products for free, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

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