Two disappointing products from Aussie

I promised myself that I would only write about products that I am really pleased with in January, but I couldn't help it. These two products are a nightmare, or at least were a nightmare since I no longer use them. Generally, I like the Aussie brand and tried many hair products in the past but these two are my biggest disappointment and I will explain why.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Light Awesome Volume Deep Treatment - this is a deep conditioning mousse that gives hair the treat is deserves without weighing them down. This is a light formula that you use after washing your hair, you apply this mousse for 3 minutes, you rinse it out and you are ready to go. 

It promises to give more volume but I guess this depends on your hair type. Mine is thick and frizzy with no shape so this product worked great, it gave me volume and reduced the frizz. It worked just like a normal conditioner that you use after wash with the most thick foam you will ever meet. Also, as with all Aussie hair products, hair smells amazing afterwards. It also left my hair soft and smooth.

But, there is a huge but here... The first couple of times I used this product, I was very pleased. But one day, when I tried to use it, the pump stayed pressed down and all product was gone. Can you believe it? I am writing this sentence now and I am laughing hysterically, I remember me being in the bath and shouting to my fiance 'come here, nowwwww, this thing does not stop'! The pump stayed down and I could not undo it, foam was everywhere, it was a mess. I couldn't stop it, it kept coming out for about two minutes (or was it more than that?) and we were laughing so hard watching the foam coming and coming and coming out of the bottle. 

It was ridiculous. So that's it, no more product. I threw away the bottle and I am not purchasing this again. Never!

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo - long hair in the winter need dry shampoo. And I mean many bottles of dry shampoo. The most common brand for me is Batiste, probably because it is so easy to find, even supermarkets have this brand. 

I haven't tried a dry shampoo from Aussie before and I don't know how I feel about it. I like it but then, it is not the best I tried nor I will repurchase it. It reduces shine without leaving any white residues or a powdery feeling, and it also refreshes hair and gives them life. However, the next day after using this, my hair was so oily I couldn't bear it. I tried it again and again with the same result. I don't know why this happens as I didn't experienced this effect with any other dry shampoo.  

Have you tried these products from Aussie? What are your favourite products from this brand and what do you recommend?

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