25 Blog Post Ideas for January

Can you believe that it is the beginning of 2017? I mean, wtf, how is this possible?? I remember like yesterday when it was Christmas of 2015 and we were spending our time with our family and suddenly it is summer and we are having our summer holidays and with the blink of an eye, it's Christmas again. This is unreal, does anyone else feels the same?

I started looking for blog post ideas to write in January, since I find it difficult to find inspiration after Christmas time where everyone is feeling so festive with preparations and gifts and celebrations and everything. And truly, Christmas is the best time of the year. So while searching, I found some amazing ideas that I would like to share with you today. 

1) Resolutions and goals for the new year
2) What are your plans for the new year blog related?
3) A photography post of lovely times and memories you had during winter/festive season
4) A review of a new book you read and loved in December
5) What's in your bag - winter edition
6) A winter pamper routine
7) Your holy grail product you use in winter
8) Organisation tips for blogging 
9) Do you like winter? Write about your favorite things to do in winter
10) How you take your blog photos? Take us a journey behind the scenes (I love these posts)
11) Favorite face masks
12) Products you regret buying in 2016
13) What did you purchase on sales? Do a haul, or two, or more!
14) Favorite products you use in winter
15) Favorite lipsticks you are currently using
16) Favorite winter fragrance
17) Bedside beauty products
18) Top 5 under €5
19) Favorite high end products
20) Favorite drugstore products
21) Makeup organisation tips
22) How and where you store your makeup and skincare products
23) Favorite winter clothes
24) 2017 wishlist
25) Travel bucket list for 2017

I am definitely doing most of these posts in the next months and I hope I gave you some ideas and helped you in the case of having a writer's block. So there you have it, 25 blog post ideas for January!!! 

Thank you for joining me here today and I will see you soon!

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