My winter pamper routine

What is the best thing to do when you are feeling stressed and tired and have been working non stop during the week? The answer is simple. Have some 'me' time and relax, unwind from all things that make us anxious and stressed and enjoy some free time.

I love to do this every Friday, I feel it's the best time after a stressful week and this is the routine I follow and the products I use.

Light candles
This is the first step to my routine. I always leave one light on and I light up many candles around the house. This helps me relax so much.

Have a hot bubble bath
I love bubble baths and I envy all of you that are able to shop Lush products, I wish I could purchase some bath bombs too and run them in the water. It would be a dream come true. But since I haven't got the chance to purchase anything from Lush, I run my favorite vanilla scented bubble bath and I love that it produces a thick foam. 

Use a body and a face scrub
I love to use a body scrub at least twice a week and also my favourite homemade face scrub, where I use honey and sugar. The thick consistency of the sugar combined with honey makes my skin feel super clean and give me a natural glow. If you haven't tried any natural scrub recipe, you should try this one, just use honey and sugar and apply to your face using circular motions.

Do a face mask
Is a pamper night complete without using a face mask? I believe not! A face mask is essential after the hot bath, since our skin is softer and pores are 'open' and using a face mask will ensure that your skin has received all great ingredients. I love to use a clay mask for extra cleansing and also I love to use the Tony Moly Sheet masks that I find to be excellent and I especially love the one with avocado that nourishes the skin.

Paint my nails
I love to paint my nails and I choose a different colour every week. I love bold colours for winter and I am currently loving the Essence nail gel polishes that come in amazing colours and these are probably the only polishes that stay on my nails more than 3-4 days, which is amazing since a normal nail polish normally lasts 1-2 days before chipping. If I have time, I like to do a simple design on my nails, like flowers or in winter I love to paint snowflakes.

Pour some wine and read a book
This combo relaxes me so much, I love reading and I always try to read some pages before going to sleep (if I am not watching my favorite youtubers). I want to start re-reading the Harry Potter books, seems the perfect time. I also have a glass of white wine or sometimes when it's extra cold, I make a cup of delicious hot chocolate.

So this is my pamper routine. As I said above, I usually do this every Friday and since today is Friday, this means one thing: run the hot water and pour me some wine!!!

Do you guys have a pamper routine? If yes, what do you love to do and what products you use?

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