Waist trainers, leggings and vests for the gym

Since I started training and going to the gym a few months ago, I started looking at waist trainers. I have one I bought many years ago that I used like every day but now I want to pick a new one. 

FeelnGirl made contact with me and they have a great collection of waist trainers, leggings, vests, tank tops and shorts, in other words, everything you need for the gym.

leggings                                                              leggings
This website has a large collection of best high waisted workout leggings, from a plain black pair to a beautiful trendy patterned print. This black pair with mesh details caught my eye, I don't own anything like this and I am planning on getting one and also, this lovely pink print is so me! I love pink and this one is so cute!!


If you browse here, you will find many latex waist trainers for women, all shapes and sizes and there is one waist trainer in animal print that I am really interested in getting!! It's so nice in this print and it's so different and unique from the other waist trainers I used to have, this one comes in snake print and also in red and black leopard print. So cute!!

bodysuit                                                  bodysuit

Also, this particular area is what all girls are interested in: shapewear bodysuit for women. I remember looking for one for ages, I have lots of bodycon dresses I wanted to wear and I was looking for a shape bodysuit to wear underneath and this website has a large collection of bodysuits to choose from. I will definitely pick a natural color to wear with my white dresses in sprint and summer and a black one for winter. 

Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday and I will see you soon!!

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