Shop the trend - polka dot

I don't usually  follow fashion trends, I am that kind of gal that wears everything she likes and what makes me feel happy and also comfortable.

Saying that, I do love colorful clothing items and if you have a peak inside my closet, you will probably comment that it is a happy place. I love color, I love prints and that includes florals and also polka dot. Trends make their appearance, last for a couple of years and then disappear, to make an appearance a decate later. 

Throughout the years, I always say that since trends come and go, I will not throw away any clothes that would probably come back, since trends make their circle, I wouldn't want to throw anything that will be in fashion again, but I get bored easily and throw them away anyway (and when I say throw them away, I mean I give them to charity or recycle).

A few years back, I remember this trend was all over the shops and magazines, polka dots were everywhere. I owned a couple of dresses and tops and I was loving it. This maxi blue skirt is so comfortable and easy to wear with a white top and also these polka dot dresses are the best thing to wear in a warm sunny summer day. 

Polka dot skirt                Polka dot shorts

Red polka top                        White polka mini dress

Do you follow trends in fashion? Do you love prints and colorful clothes as much as I do?

Hope you are having a fab weekend and I will see you soon!

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