My weekend getaway essentials

Summer is officially here, even though last week we had the pleasure of waking up in the morning with rain, and when I say rain, I mean it was pouring!

And no, I wasn't happy at all, I mean, it's almost the end of May, how can I be happy with this weather? But the temperature is still high and summer dresses are ideal for this warm weather.

If you are planning a weekend getaway soon, this post will help you pack the essentials. I always end up taking too much products and clothes with me, but end up using very little. Making lists of the necessities helps me a lot, so this is what I am planning to take with me on our little weekend getaway at the end of this month.

Sunglasses - not only they are stylish and complete any outfit, sunglasses provide the necessary protection our eyes need. I think I have too many pairs of sunglasses and I am obsessed with vintage style and also, cat eye style which is the style that suits my face shape better.

Floral dresses - I think I talked like a million times here on my blog about my love for floral dresses. Need I say more? Lol. They are feminine, stylish, make me happy with their bright colors and floral patterns.

SPF - the most important skincare product in our morning routine which must be used not only in summer, but 365 days a year. We must protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun and there is a variety of sunscreen products to choose from.

Water spray - regular spraying of this keeps me refreshed during the day and it's a must for summer. It has soothing and softening properties and can be used after makeup application and also, after you remove your makeup to refresh and brighten the complexion.

Aloe Vera gel - I have a post dedicated to aloe vera (will publish next week) and I use this amazing ingredient for years. I bought this gel last summer and I used it in several occasions while on holidays. It is amazing for hydration, to use as a face mask, it treats a sunburn (when spending too much time under the sun) and has anti-bacterial properties.

What are your weekend essentials and tips for traveling light?

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