Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer and Power Gel 2 in 1 base/top coat

As much as I love to paint my nails, I am not so good in painting them myself, I am a master in creating a mess and having to start all over again. I need a nice formula that glides beautifully and dries withing 60 seconds, I am impatient and clumsy and cannot wait for more than that staying still and doing nothing.

For summer, I love bold and bright colors and I am glad I received this lovely orange color to try.

The packaging is nice, it is a glass square bottle and the brush is large and wide, just like I wanted it to be. It reminds me so much of my beloved Essence nail polish, the brush is similar to this one which makes the whole process much easier.

Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer* - this product claims to give a gel-like finish and longetivity up to 7 days, which is amazing because nothing lasts on me for more than 4 days and that is the case with the Essence The Gel nail polish, best formula I have ever tried so far. 

Every other nail polish I tried starts to chip 24 hours after I paint my nails, I remember one case with a Kiko nail polish that was useless. I did my nails with a lovely pinkish color and 2 hours later, I had a shower. My nails were half-painted, half-not painted haha, it was a joke. The color didn't last the water and they chipped horribly.

I tried this nail polish without top coat and it lasts for 4 days, with a top coat it lasts for 6 days and that my friends is a miracle. 

Work Hard, Play Orange (46)* is a stunning bright orange color, totally appropriate for summer months. I did both mani and pedi with this nail polish and the color is stunning. I used two coats to make it more intense and bright. No streaks, no lines and glides beautifully on my nails.

I wish Catrice products were available in Cyprus, I would love to try more of this great formula, the range offers 43 (!) colors  in their website to choose from.

Catrice Power Gel 2in1 Base & Top Coat*

Glossy finish
Anti-yellowing formula
Gel-like look

Used as base coat, the high-performance Power Gel 2in1 Base & Top Coat evens out any irregularities and acts as a protective shield for the nails. 

Used as a top coat, it extends the staying power of your favourite nail polish and gives a glossy finish.

I haven't used this product as base coat but I use it as a top coat and final step of this routine and it gives a beautiful shine and enhances the color of any nail polish used underneath. I will also use this top coat with the Kiko nail polish I mentioned above that lasted a few hours before chipping, let's hope it extends the color to a few days since it is a lovely color and I would love to wear it more.

Have you tried anything from Catrice?

*I was given these products for free but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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