W7 Delicious palette & giveaway (closed)

W7 is a drugstore brand I love and talked about like a million times here on my blog. This brand is well know for its dupes for more expensive and high end products.

And you know how I felt when I saw the W7 Delicious eyeshadow palette being released, I knew I had to have it since it is supposed to be a dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. So since I cannot afford expensive palettes, I thought I would give this a try. And if it's not a dupe for the ABH palette, at least I have another beautiful palette in my collection.

W7 created exactly the same number of shades and almost the same colours as the Modern Renaissance but slightly lighter and not so pigmented shades. You cannot expect this palette to be the same - quality wise - but for its price, it is definitely worth it.  This palette retails at 12.95 but I was able to find this palette on ebay for 5.37 from this trustworthy UK ebay seller, I bought many products from this shop in the past. It is not available in my country yet, hope it arrives and hits the shelves soon.

First of all, the package. Looking at it you can say that it's pretty. I love the pink colours so much and looks so nice in photos. But packaging is cheap. It's cardboard. This beautiful packaging is cardboard. Why oh why? Other W7 eyeshadow palettes are hosted in tin cases and look prettier, but cardboard? At least it has a mirror in it and a magnetic closing.

This palette has 14 shades, both shimmery and matte. Pigmentation varies among these shades and I find that darker shades are nicer and more pigmented. The lighter shades are less pigmented and I already have very similar shades to these but the darker shades? Yes, these are so beautiful. I am crazy for berry and orange shades and these perform really great. 

From the reviews I read on the Modern Renaissance palette, the formula of the shades is creamy and buttery but this isn't the case for these shades. They are not buttery but powdery instead.

I wore this palette twice since I received it and I am happy to report that the shades blend nicely with some fallout and stayed on me until I finished work and got home in the afternoon. 

Overall, I don't think it is a dupe for the Modern Renaissance palette since the only similarity is the shade selection but not the formula or quality, but I think this is a nice palette to have in our collection, perfect for me who just started loving warm shades and went crazy and ordered too many lately and  also, ideal for those who are on a budget. The price is amazing. This palette didn't disappoint me.

Now the good news! I am having my first giveaway and giving this palette to one lucky girl. Head over to my instagram for the post and the giveaway is open all European countries. I am planning on doing more giveaways and include more countries soon!

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