Blog props I love to use for my photos

I started this blog two years ago and reading my first posts and the photos I used to take, makes me laugh and cry at the same time, my photos are probably the worst in the history of blogging.
Not that they are perfect now, I am not completely happy about them since I always struggle to find the right lighting, but in 2017, my photography has definitely improved. 

Taking photos for my posts is something I adore. I love to be creative and set a different background for the products I am about to write, according to the theme. In summer, I like to use more bright and colourful backgrounds. In winter, I limit the colour input and use mostly black, white and grey, weather appropriate.

I love fairy lights and I have them in every room and corner of my house. They are a lovely decoration and serve you well at night when you want to relax before going to sleep and switch off all lights to create a relaxing atmosphere. And of course, fairy lights make perfect prop for blog photos. These fairy lights* have the perfect size and work with battery so you can move them around the house (or even outside the house if the lighting is perfect) and come in four colours: multicoloured, white light, warm light and blue.

I recently received this large rectangle wire basket* and it's perfect to use for photos, don't you think? The colour is so pretty (I love rose gold) and I chose the largest size so it could fit as many products possible. I own many baskets to hold skincare products but not a wired one and I am excited to use it.

Flowers are also something I love using for blog photos. Before we moved, we lived in a house with a large garden where I planted some beautiful plants with colourful flowers. But at the moment, I am replacing the lovely fresh flowers option with some fake ones and they also do the job nicely. Flowers give a romantic vibe to photos as well as jewellery which I also use.

Magazines are ideal for photos too since they are colourful  and you can stack them together and create a lovely background or use one single page and use your products on top. I am currently using the Elle magazines that I receive every month with the Look Fantastic box. I used to be a magazine hoarder, I had hundreds of magazines from 10 years ago but I decided to recycle them before our move (and now I regret it, big mistake!).

Also, fabrics serve as great props for adding texture to my photos. I use clothes like lace dresses or scarves with lovely colours, blankets and faux furs and they are a great way  to 'fill any gap' or make the picture pop.

What do you like to use for your photos? And do you have any tips to share with me to improve my photography?

Thank you and I will see you soon!

*I was given these items for review purposes but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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