50 random things about me

These posts have been really popular these days and I must admit I love them. I love personal posts as much as I love makeup and skincare reviews, knowing the person behind the blog is really important and also fun.

I was tagged on instagram by the lovely Amy (here), Taslyn (here) and Kate (here) to do the 5 things about you tag, but I thought I would do an extended post for you to get to know me better, I can't remember if I wrote a similar post before.

So here are 50 things about me:
1) I live in Cyprus.
2) I am 37 years old, however, I feel like 27.
3) My height is 1.59cm.
4) I have a brother - he is two years younger than me.
5) I lived in a beautiful village until 18 where I graduated and left to go to college.
6) I love living in a city but I want to go back at some point since life is more relaxed there.
7) I used to love Take That when I was a kid and had like 50 posters in my room.
8) When I was younger, I used to dress up every day and wear my mum's clothes and big earrings.
9) I have an obsession with shoes - note that I have over 100 pairs (most high heels and sandals).
10) If I could eat one food for ever, that would be french fries or avocado toast.
11) ...And maybe fried eggs!
12) I have a german shepherd called Tyrion. He is the most adorable dog, love him so much!!
13) I am engaged for 4 years now, planning to get married in September 2018.
14) I must be the ''coolest'' bride-to-be, everyone around me gets really anxious about my wedding (especially my mum) but I am cool haha.
15) That said, I haven't found my dream dress yet but I am confident I will find it soon, no need to stress out!!
16) I am scared of the dark, like really really scared.
17) I started my blog in November 2015 and it was one of the best decisions I made in my life.
18) If I go shopping and see something I like but don't buy it, I think about it all day.
19) My fave colour is pink. I also love white and light blue.
20) I love summer, I was born in July so I am definitely a summer girl.
21) I love chocolate & everything that has chocolate in/on it.
22) I eat my crepes with nutella, banana and cookie crumble.
23) I do most of my shopping online while having a glass of wine and relaxing. Add to cart is my fave hobby.
24) I love pamper nights. Give me a sheet mask and candles and I will love you forever.
25) I have an obsession with printed socks. I don't think I own any plain ones.

26) I drink my coffee without sugar/with milk.
27) I don't enjoy tea that much but I love hot chocolate and hot cacao.
28) If I could go to my office in my pjs, I would totally do it.
29) But I also love to dress up.
30) My fave item to wear is dresses. Floral, printed, give me anything.
31) My pm skincare routine takes me about half an hour, it's like a ritual to me.
32) I love romantic movies.
33) I probably watched 'The Devil Wears Prada' like 100 times. For real.
34) And also Friends with Benefits (Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis).
35) When I watch horror films, I get so scared I check under my bed before going to sleep.
36) I love to travel, especially somewhere with beautiful beaches and nice weather.
37) Greek islands will always be my #1 destination.
38) I can spend a whole day at the beach, from the morning until the sun goes down.
39) I drive a Toyota Yaris in a light blue color.
40) I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones three times before I was convinced that I like it. I am hooked! Gotta love Jon Snow and Cercei.
41) My fave series include Friends, Sex and the City, How I Met Your Mother.
42) I love Carrie's style, so unique and Sarah Jessica Parker is my style icon.
43) I love the Harry Potter movies but the books are the masterpieces. Need to re-read them soon.
44) I can't sing to save my life. If you ever see me grabbing a microphone, RUN!
45) My dream is to own a house near the beach.
46) When I was young, I used to take roses from my grandmother's garden, put them in the water and squeeze them, who knew that I created my own rose water when I was 8?
47) I cut my hair in November and even though I love it, I miss my long hair already.
48) I am not a morning person, I am like those people who cannot speak until they had their morning coffee.
49) I have an office job that I hate, I have been doing the same boring things for 13 years now but I am planning to change this soon, wish me luck!
50) I still believe in fairytales and I get really emotional when I watch a movie involving a princess and a prince! (told you I was still a kid!)

Hope you enjoyed this post and I tag everyone to do it, let's get to know each other!

My outfit:

Pants*                      Sweatshirt*

*I received this clothes for free but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.
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