The not-so-ugly sweaters

I don't own many sweaters in my wardrobe but I fell in love with them this winter. Sweaters don't need to be boring and remind you of grandma, this year designers took this to another level and created the most lovely sweaters for winter 2017. Embellished with pearls and gems or colourful, sweaters are definitely not boring.

Here are some ideas you can pick that will warm you and make you feel trendy at the same time.

The cute one 
Faux pearl sweater
This winter's prettiest trend, the pearl embellished clothes are everywhere and they look so classy and beautiful. I own two sweaters with pearls and I can't get enough of them.

The colourful one 
Color block sweater
This sweater will look fab paired with jeans and the brown, green and orange colour look so good together. I am a huge fun of colour in winter and this sweater is a lovely option.

The pink one  
Pink chunky sweater
You all know pink is my favourite colour and this pink sweater is in the prettiest rose pink colour. If you don't have a pink sweater in your closet, make sure you get one since pink looks so romantic and perfect for those cold cozy nights.

The embroidered one
It's been a year since we first saw embroidered clothes in shops and this trend is here to stay in 2018. A beautiful white sweater with red embroidered roses and how cute is the detail on the sleeves?

The Christmassy one 
Christmas is over but this one can be worn regardless holidays or not. Your not-so-ugly Christmassy sweater transformed to this lovely glittery snowflake printed sweater.

The striped one 
Stripes look good on everyone and there was a time that I was obsessed with striped tops, I even got two or three tops so similar to each other, but I guess you can't have too many, right?

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