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A long time ago, I was curious about the history of swimwear and how and why women started to wear a swimming suit. And after watching a documentary about the history of clothing and how people used to dress throughout the years, I looked more into it and found some interesting information.

Did you know that swimming became a legitimate leisure activity or pastime at the beginning of the 20th century and swimsuits were more acceptable by society but not everyone agreed; there were serious objections by conservative elements and moral campaigners and women were even arrested if they exposed their legs and arms. How crazy this sounds?

But as the years went by, swimsuits were more acceptable by society and started to become smaller and fitter and exposed more parts of the body. The name 'swim suit' was originally found in 1915.

My favourite style to wear at the beach is the bikini. Strappy bikini comes in a millions of designs and shapes and covers enough skin to feel confident (and comfortable) at the beach. I especially love to wear off shoulder tops like this one*, apart from being on trend right now, off shoulder tops prevent you from making weird lines when tanning (and always remember to wear your sunscreen!)

This swimsuit comes in this beautiful burgundy colour for the bottom and floral print for the top. I ordered size M since chinese sizes are smaller than european sizes and fits perfect, so if you are ordering some, size up! I also love this pink floral swimsuit and also this palm leaf print

Are you prepared for your summer holidays? Did you buy your swimsuit or not, and what are you planning to get??

Hope this post was helpful and I will see you soon.

*This product was sent to me for review purposes, but all opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

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