Royal Rose Eye Cream

Hello beautiful girls! I am back with a review on the most amazing eye cream, you know I love rose products and I have been using lots lately and the Royal Rose Eye Cream is my most precious skincare product I am currently using.

I talked about the benefits of rose water and rose oil in skincare products many times here on my blog and honestly, they made such a difference on how my skin feels and looks.

The delicate zone around the eyes needs special care and this eye cream promises to hydrate the area and reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. I only started wearing an eye cream after I hit thirty and I now see the difference it makes when using one. In fact, there was a time that I didn't know if an eye cream works on me or not but if I look and compare with old pictures, I see that my under eye area looks smoother now, less puffy and my look is more 'awake', so it must be working.

The Royal Rose Eye Cream is a light, airy cream that has a cooling effect that you feel as soon as you apply it. It absorbs quickly, softens the under eye skin and leaves skin feeling moisturised and smooth. It has a biologically active complex that softens and hydrates the area and rose water that is included in the ingredients, revitalizes and refreshes the skin making it smoother, and treats fine lines around the eyes.

Other ingredients:
 Green tea extract with inflammatory effects 
 Macadamia oil owning a strong hydrating action
♡ Vitamin E that is a strong antioxidant, slows down oxidizing process in the cells and eliminated dryness
♡ Jojoba Oil that creates a sustainable and elastic layer over the skin 
Paraben free

I have been using this eye cream for two months now and the pot is still full. I think it will last me till the end of the year which is great. The scent is the most amazing part of this product. The sweet natural scent of roses lifts my mood and I would love to have this scent all over my face too, so I am surely purchasing the day cream next. 

A big thumbs up for this amazing cream, I am really pleased with it.

Have you tried rose based products before? Which one is your favourite? Any products I should try next?

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