L'OREAL Mythic Oil Sparkling Shampoo


I am sucker for a nice packaging. I am a sucker for a nice packaging plus glitter. Anything that has glitter in it, I want it. And I must admit I reached and picked this product from the shelf  and put it in my cart before I even read the label and see what this product is.  So today I will be talking about the L'oreal Mythic Oil Sparkling Shampoo

I tried many products from the Mythic Oil range and I have a special bond with Glow Oil, it's a miracle for dry hair and split ends and makes hair appear healthier and more shiny.  I have seen many brands come out with oils that nourish hair but I have never seen a sparkling shimmer in a shampoo. Have you?

I immediately dreamed I was in a fairytale with the girl (me) dancing around a garden and flowing her healthy long and sparkly hair. Ok, wake up Yiota, first of all we are not in a fairytale and only Disney princesses dance around showing off their shiny and sparkly hair and second, your hair is not that healthy. But a girl can dream, right?

This product is designed for fine and normal hair but is suitable for all hair types. I have been using this shampoo for two weeks now and I noticed no change in texture or something that would made me think that this product works and also, my hair does not feel extra clean when I use it. I mean ok, my hair feels soft afterwards but that's how my hair feels with any good product.  My hair is long and although I have an oily scalp, my ends are dry and my hair is stiff, especially in winter so I had high hopes that this shampoo would be some kind of miracle, but it's only a nice packaging and a lovely gold coloured liquid.

When pumping the product out of the bottle, it produces a lovely gold liquid with shimmers in it but of course, the glitter rinses off and does not stay on. Too bad for us princesses haha. The liquid doesn't lather much and I think I need too much product for my long hair in order to produce enough foam and 'feel' my hair clean.

Also, the scent is something I don't like. It 'tries' to be something exotic and fruity but it fails in that area too, scent reminds me of old school perfumes or something my grandmother would wear. 

I am not pleased with this product and I don't think I will continue to use it, I mean, what's the point. I could achieve soft hair with any conditioner and this one claims too many things and does none.

Hope you have an amazing week and I will see you soon!

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