Manicure of the week - (May 2016)

White nail polish is very popular at the moment, I've seen it everywhere and eventhough I love my pinks, I thought I would give it a try! It was difficult for me to find a good white nail polish with a matte finish that is smooth when applied and does not create lines on my nails. 

Some of them have a very thick formula that looks awful and cheap when applied, and some of them are very thin that you have to apply them too many times in order to be able to see the colour on your nails.

This brand has a huge selection of shades and I also purchased another one (pink of course) that I wore last week. In comparison with the pink one, this nail polish has a streaky formula and gave me a hard time. But when I finished, I loved it! I put two coats, I let the first one dry completely before adding the second one and I finished with a top coat.

The white colour looks so good on my nails and I think it would look so good in the summer with a nice tan. However, I wish the formula was not too streaky, you have to be very careful when you apply it and it can be so frustrating. I will try to find another white from another brand that is better than this one, I think my pinks will have to stay inside for a while! Any recommendations for a white nail polish?


  1. I too would love to find a good white nail polish!! This one looks lovely although it's a shame that the formula was so streaky and difficult to apply. The only white nail polish I've ever tried was from Essie I think, and I actually didn't like it that much. I think white is perfect for the summer! Thanks for sharing, and your nails look lovely. :) <3


  2. I've not work white nail varnish before but I love the idea of it, thanks for posting :)

  3. A Matte finish you say?! I love, love, love anything matte ESPECIALLY nail polish. You're going to have to let me know if it lasts or if it starts chipping away!

  4. Ooo love the white nails! I'm inspired to do this now lol. I think I'm going to have to look though you're blog since I'm still looking for the perfect everyday pink polish.

    Stacey |

  5. I love love white nail polish! I think it helps make an outfit look so chic!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  6. I love white manicures!


  7. I think all white nail polishes streak. I have tried from few brands in the past and they all streaked. I love the color white though :) perfect for every season :) x

  8. Ive never actually tried wearing white nail polish! Might have to give it a go now, it looks so bright and fresh!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura