Pamper yourself at home!

Who doesn't love to have some 'me' time, relax and de-stress after a difficult day or week? Relaxing at home is essential and we must always find ways to rest and re-charge our batteries.  
Here are some nice ideas you can follow at home!

1. Have a relaxing aromatherapy bubble bath
2. Apply a face mask while you are in the hot tub
3. Make a homemade scrub for your body using sugar and honey (my favourite!)
4. Light some candles
5. Enjoy a cup of green tea or if you are in a different mood have a glass of wine
6. Play a set of relaxing music
7. Meditate or have five minutes to yourself to breathe deeply and relax
8. Give your hair a hot oil treatment for silky smooth hair
9. Order pizza, open a bottle of red wine and enjoy your favourite TV show
10. Take a nap
11. Take a long walk by yourself and enjoy the clean and fresh air
12. Read the book you have been wanting to start
13. Give yourself a manicure / pedicure
14. Indulge your favourite dessert
15. Light the fireplace and relax in front of it drinking hot chocolate
16. Switch off your phone and read your favourite magazine like you used to do

What is your favourite thing you like to do in your free time?


  1. I love at home spa days and aromatherapy is my favourite! :) <3

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. These all sound amazing :-)

  3. i am a diy queen, so i love making things forat home spa days!

    1. I love a good homemade scrub with natural ingredients! :)

  4. That facial sounds so invigorating!

    XO Chelsea

  5. Just reading your suggestions has made me feel relaxed. I wish I had time to do even just a couple of these things on a weekly basis. But motherhood is a full-time job lol!
    Sal UmmBabyBeauty

    1. I hope you find some time in the weekend to relax! :)

  6. A cup of warm tea and a good book definitely sounds good on a Friday afternoon!

    M + K

    1. A cup of warm tea in the afternoon is always a good idea!

  7. They all sounds amazing. My favorite one is applying the face mask on the tub :) And thanks for the visit and following my blog :)