Liebster Award‏

Hello girls! Last week I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Destiny from Miss Beauty Glam (go and check her blog, it's amazing)!

So, what is the Liebster Award?
It’s an award given to new bloggers with small followings
(generally less than 200) or less than 2 years in blogging. It helps new bloggers connect with each other and find each other. It honestly means so much to me to even be recognized by other bloggers as I am new to this and it is a nice way for other bloggers to find my blog, but also for me to discover new bloggers. So, thank you Destiny!

The rules for the Liebster Award are:
1♥ You have to mention and thank the blog that nominated you in a blog post.
 2♥ You then have to answer the questions which were  asked by the blog that nominated you.
3♥ Then it's your turn to nominate 11 other new bloggers.
4♥ Set 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.
5♥ Inform those people who you nominated, that they were nominated for the Liebster Award, and provide a link to your post so they can learn more about it.

So these are my answers of the questions that Destiny asked in her blog:

1♥ What is your favorite thing to do, besides blogging? 
I like to make handmade jewellery and dyi crafts.  It has been my passion for years, my dream is to open a little cute handmade shop.

2♥ Where do you live and what's your first language?
I live in Cyprus and I speak Greek.

3♥ What is your biggest fear and hope in terms of blogging?
My biggest fear is not being able to get my blog out there and no-one will read it haha!  Besides blogging, my worst fear is the dark, I hate it!

4♥ Vanilla or Chocolate? 

5♥ What is one thing that you feel you need to work on? 
I feel that I must improve the photos of my blog, I am constantly working on this. I take lots of pictures daily and I read many blogs about photography lessons.

6♥ What is your favorite season of the year? 
Summer of course! I live in Cyprus, here we have a warm weather 8 months a year and I also love summer because it is my birthday month!

7♥ If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go? 
Probably Paris. It's been on my mind for years, I want to visit Paris and go to EuroDisney! :)

8♥ What is your favorite dish?
I don't have a favourite dish but I love french fries so much, I could eat them every day.

9♥ What is one weird thing about you?
I love the sea and I love swimming but at the same time I hate it; I hate not knowing what is down there. It creeps me out!

10♥ Name one thing that you can not live without? 
I am so addicted to chocolate! I need to have a piece of chocolate every day.

11♥ What is your favorite show?
Now, I am a big fan of Game of Thrones! I cannot wait for Season 6 to begin in April! But my favourite shows of all time have to be Friends and Sex and The City!

I nominate:

Shellie from Shellie Skillen

Jenny from Blond Girl

Jeanine from Jeanine Guzman

Advaita from Blush Canvas

Elyse from Lindsey Ginge
Samileen from Beauty Detour
Saman from The Makeup Pouch
Catarina from Yellow Rain
Elle from La Orca Bella
Katja from Viva la Vida
Emma from Emma Bought What

My questions are:
1♥ Where do you live?
2♥ What is your favourite quote?
3♥ What is your favourite book?
4♥ When did you start blogging and what is your favourite thing about it?
5♥ If you could time travel to any decade in the 20th century, what would it be?
6♥ What is your favourite colour?
7♥ Where did you last go on holiday?
8♥ If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you’d buy?
9♥ What is your favourite beauty product?
10♥ Lipstick or mascara?
11♥ Top three tv shows?

Congratulations to all the nominees! Looking forward to read your answers!


  1. Congratulations on being nominated! Lovely post.

    Anika |

  2. Congratulations for your nomination and thank you so much for mine! I'm looking forward to answer your questions!

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination. xx
    You should definitely do a post on the jewellery you make!

    Advaita | Blush Canvas

  4. Congrats for your nomination!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. Congratulations on your Award girl !!! Its so awesome that you make jewellery. I totally get it if you prefer chocolate than Vanilla because I love chocolate too . And about fires I can eat them all day long also:) By the way your pictures are amazing and so is your blog !! xx

    1. Thank you so much Ambi, it was something I enjoyed making few years ago, I wish I had the time and patience to start again :)

  6. I love reading this, it's always lovely to learn about a blogger whom I follow. I had no idea that you make handmade jewelry, will you feature some of it here? I would love to see your creations.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thank you so much, I used to have a page on fb featuring all my creations but not anymore, I will definitely feature some here! :)

  7. This post was so much joy to read, hun - I loved getting to know you a little better! It seems that we have quite a lot in common, which is totally awesome. :) <3 I too love swimming but at the same time, the ocean does creep me out a little... And I am a huge French fries addict - I'd happily eat that and chocolate for the rest of my life, lol! Thanks for sharing, darling. x x Kisses. x


    1. Thank you so much Kay, your kind words mean a lot! It's a love/hate relationship with the sea, I love it so much but when I think what is down there, it creeps me out too!!! Kisses xx

  8. Chocolate is the love of my life ;) It's so cool you can speak Greek!! I'd love to learn.

    Edye //

  9. Thank you for the nomination :) my post will be going up later today on xx