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A year before my wedding, I decided to chop my hair. I know, it was a bad decision and the worst thing is that I decided to try a new hairdresser that didn't know me or the condition of my hair and I told her to cut a few centimeters, just enough for my hair to look healthy and strong but she did otherwise; she cut my hair up to my shoulders. 

I liked my short hair, not gonna lie, it took 10 years from me but I had other plans for my wedding hairstyle that required super long hair.

So I started looking for extensions in case my hair didn't grow back and one of the websites that has amazing real human hair is the WigginsHair.

This website offers wigs, hair bundles, extensions, they have a great collection to choose from depending on the style you want to create and needs. Wigs are also popular these days, I've seen lots of girls using wigs to achieve a different styles without messing their own hair and it works great. 

Imagine having a different hairstyle every day or a new color without having to dye your hair! WigginsHair offers straight hair, curly, loose, natural or deep waves and a variety of colors.

Bundles with closure and frontal
♡ Wigs with different densities and textures
♡ Natural looking wigs
 Peruvian hair
♡ Affordable prices

This website also offers hair care tips, things that we must follow in order to have healthy hair and videos on how to use their products. Their bundles and wigs are super affordable and you can take advantage of their coupons, depending on the order you want to place for discounts.

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