Are you using a silk pillow case? and why you should if not

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Silk. A beautiful, luxurious and expensive material that is used in clothing and bedding. Silk keeps our body cool on hot days and through warm nights. Silk regulates body temperature, and preserves your body heat in the cold. It has impressive moisture wicking properties, keeping you dry and comfortable in any climate, year-round.

I was recently made contact by Freedom Silk* company to introduce their products and let me tell you, I want to try every single thing from their website.

This company offers 100% silk products. Silk pillow cases are the best to use for hair and lots of beauty bloggers and beauty gurus swear by it. Using silk pillowcases has great benefits. Our hair moves smoothly as we sleep and silk doesn't absorb moisture as cotton does, preventing cracking and breakage of the hair. You wake up with smooth and soft hair instead of that 'crazy lady hair look'. How many times I woke up in the morning with crazy-all-over-the-place hair that needed half an hour to get 'fixed' and styled?

Also, by using a silk pillow case, you wake up with a refreshed, crease-free skin less likely to wrinkle while sleeping and less moisture is taken from skin. And for me that I tend to sleep on my face hitting the pillow, having a silk pillow case is really important to keep my face cool and wrinkle free.

The creator of this company, Belle was advised to sleep in silk bedding due to extremely sensitive skin and thinning hair because she was subscribed to acne medication. And after research, she found the best manufacturer that produceds100% pure silk, free of toxins and allergens.

Also, the cooling feeling of this material is ideal for higher temperatures and how pretty is this camisole set? You will feel like a million dollars wearing this set. There is a variety of colors to choose from but for me, black is a classic.

I also love this pink silk robe, the color is fantastic and I can see myself wearing it every morning when I have my coffee before leaving the house to work.


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