Things only makeup addicts understand

Here we go again! Makeup addicts reunite!!! Only you will understand these things!

There are so many brands, products and trends to try but our bank account cries every time we make an online order or purchase something from a shop. New releases, new products, new brands, we want everything. I fear the time a new email will arrive in my inbox saying '30%off' or 'free shipping'! 

There is no such thing as 'too much makeup'. Or 'too many skincare products'.

Or 'you own too many lipsticks, you are not gonna wear them all'. No, I need to have them all!

The feeling when you find a dupe to a high end product is a-m-a-z-i-n-g and you know how much I love dupes!

My phone gallery is full (and I mean full) of screenshots of products I want to try, products I took photos for blog post, outfits of the day etc. You get the idea, my phone is about to explode!

Swatching every shade of a palette or lipstick before deciding what to buy. I left the shops several times with my hands full of swatches and no, I didn't wipe them off before leaving the shop because 'I wanted to look at them for at least an hour before deciding which shade to buy' :)

Buying a product not only for its content, but also for the beautiful packaging. I am a sucker for anything in pink packaging and I admit I purchased quite a lot of products only because they will look great on my blog pictures or above my dresser.

I spent hours and hours trying to do the perfect eyeliner wing. Countless hours. And watched like 5689844 tutorials. Did I manage to make it right? No. Will I stop trying? No.

You enter a drugstore/beauty store to buy only one thing, let's say micellar water or face wash because you ran out. There was not once time I left the store with only said thing but with a bag full of sheet face masks, two lipsticks and a new mascara that was just released, a new eyeshadow palette that you swatched and all shades look amazing and one tube of moisturiser because you can't have enough.

Do you relate?

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