It's Christmas

DressLily is a global fashion online shopping site, selling  all kinds of products, from women's and men's fashion, to home goods and decoration, to Christmas and Festive products.

DressLily made a contact with me with their amazing 90% off discount and free shipping for any price range and it's the best timing because everyone is doing their Christmas shopping these days so any offers and discounts are much appreciated. I tried Dresslily in the past and I picked items for me, my husband and mum and yes, everything I received has been great.

DressLily not only provided a 25% off coupon and apply free shipping to worldwide. But also a celebrated activity for 12/12, two purchase for $19.99 by any of the following products. These promotions are only available between 12th -17th Dec. Personally, I do not usually online shopping from an email advertisement, whereas DressLily gave me a great experience of online shopping at a reasonable price!

Looking forward to pick more pieces for my winter wardrobe and show you what I got.

Overall Rating
* Service: ★★★★
* Delivery: ★★★★
* Quality: ★★★★

Cold Shoulder Crisscross Tunic                 Sweater Knotted Cut Out Sweater
$17.8      $15.3                                                          $14.05         $11.55
Recommend Rating ★★★★★                         Recommend Rating ★★★★

Sleeveless Tartan Skater Dress                              Vintage Printed Flare Dress
$14.05    $11.55                                                            $21.36    $16.36
                       Recommend Rating ★★★★                                  Recommend Rating ★★★★

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

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