How to style tights

Sweater weather, leggings weather, tights weather! It's that time of the year that we layer our clothes and create the most beautiful outfits for this cold and windy weather.

I love to layer my clothes, sometimes I look like a bear but I am that kind of person that gets cold easily, I need layers of clothes to keep me warm. I am a summer girl after all, I used to hate winter but in the last years, I learn to love and accept it.

Now let's get on to our subject: tights and how to style them!!! I was kindly asked by UK Tights if I wanted to try some of their beautiful designs and I immediately said yes! And it was not easy to decide which tights to order and try, there are so many lovely designs and colors to choose from, it was not an easy task! The list includes coloured tights, bridal, Christmas themed, fishnet, patterned, opaque, lace tights, the list is huge!!

Here are the pairs I chose and how I styled them!

First look
Who doesn't love sparkly and glittery details for festive season? I chose this beautiful heart print* pair or as it is called on the website, the Giulia Alison Fashion Tights*. I paired it with my wine coloured sweater dress and black heels and the glittery hearts add a special touch making it more unique and festive.

Second look
I have a couple of blue dresses that I always find difficult to pair with tights, black looks awkward with blue and any other color looks awful, so a blue opaque pair was my second choice. I chose the Fiore Rose 60 Tights in blue color* and I worn this pair with a blue dress and blue patterned cardigan.

Third look
If you are a regular reader here, you must have known that I love polka dots. Not only last year that they were on trend, but I love them forever. And when I saw this beautiful pair, I knew I had to have it. This is the Fiore Encore 20 Tights* in Black. And how cool does this pair look with my snake print boots? I love them together. 

I plan to wear this pair with a black skirt and a blazer on Christmas day, perhaps I will wear my red boots too!! And know I think of it, this pair looks amazing with everything! Black boots, coloured boots, trainers, ballerinas, every single pair I own in my shoe collection.

Thank you UK Tights for these fab pairs of tights, I really enjoy wearing them and they are perfect for festive season!

This will probably be my last post before Christmas, so I want to wish everyone a happy holiday, Merry Christmas everyone!! Have fun and enjoy your days and I will see you soon!!

Love you!

*I was given these items for review purposes but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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