How to shop smart - tips and tricks

Who doesn't love good deals and discount when shopping? As a shopaholic myself, I love when shops have offers but the tricky thing is to buy only the things you want and will use and not only because they are on sale
So here are my tips for shopping smart:

Make a list. Before going to the shops, make a list of the things you really need. I get carried away and buy lots of stuff I don't need and end up going home with unnecessary items. Stick and follow the list.

Shop only things you need and don't get carried away because of something has a discount or it's on sale. I used to buy lots of things with 70%-90% discount and I ended up not using them once, I only bought them because they were on discount. Invest in things you will wear again and again.

Subscribe to newsletters so you know immediately when websites are having sales. Last year, I wanted to get a pair of shoes from New Look but I 'refused' to pay full price so I waited until they had discounts and managed to get it for 1/3 of the price!! Yayy! 

Declutter your closet and only buy things you don't have. How many times I bought a white tank top because I couldn't find the one I had on my huge wardrobe? The result? I ended up owning 8-10 similar white tank tops. This happened to me with black skirts. I have too many that I don't wear any more.

I wish we had thrift shops here but we don't. I would love to try other items and maybe some vintage and try something different, I normally buy my clothes from the same shops; Mango, Strativarius, Asos, Zara etc, and I would love to try something more unique for a change.

Try shopping from men's or children's sections. I used to buy a lot of things from the kid's sections (13-14 years old fits me perfectly) or the men's department. For example, a large men's shirt can be worn as a dress with a belt or a men's jumper can be worn over leggings for an oversized look.

What are your tips for shopping smart? Share them in the comments!!

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