Baby it's cold outside...

It really is. I was bragging that the weather is warm and summery here in Cyprus but last week all things changed. It's getting really cold and it rained last night, which makes me so happy.

So, the difficult task was to bring all winter clothes out and change my wardrobe. Did I managed to do that? No. My room is currently a mess and there are clothes for all seasons all over the place. I need to do some serious organizing this weekend too, I started last Saturday and I haven't finished, please send help!!

In other words, here are the outfits and looks I created last week. Fall and winter is all about layering and having fun with our looks and that's what I did. Grey, plum and black, the colours I love to wear this time of the year.

Color Block Sweater*     

What is the weather like in your country and have you changed your wardrobe yet? It is a difficult task for you too or do you enjoy it?

*I was given these items for review purposes but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.
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