Are you ready for fall?

I am so glad I am back to blogging again after a long break, wedding preparations are always stressful but it was totally worth it, it was a beautiful day and everything was magical, couldn't be happier about this day.

The weather hasn't changed at all here in Cyprus but I started taking notes on what clothes and accessories I need for the new season and I must admit that I love all leopard clothes that are in the shops right now. I always loved leopard for fall and winter and I am so happy this trend is back at the moment.  

I also love all the fluffy jackets and oversize jumpers that I  plan to wear with leggings and jeans and I need to pick one or two for when the weather changes (hopefully soon!).

Here are some of my picks for fall and winter months!

Leopard print tank top               Black t-shirt

Lace contrast sweater                    Lace chiffon top

Stars print cardigan                   Grey cardigan

Are you ready for fall? What are you planning to buy for this season? Anything special you spotted at the shops?

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