My fave ankle boots for winter

I can't believe I haven't done a fashion post before on boots or shoes in general. I have an obsession with shoes, or at least I used to have many years ago and I remember buying and wanting every single pair I liked in a shop. 

I am not proud of this but the last time I counted my shoes (yes I counted them, don't judge me!) they were over 100 pairs. And this number includes boots, flip flops, sandals, shoes I wore probably once at my brother's and best friend's wedding, flat shoes, slippers, the list is endless. 

Here the weather starts to change in November. A little bit of rain, wind, then we are back to sunny days and then we start all over again. Boots are staple in my wardrobe and these boots is the comfiest that exist. They have fur inside and the are cozy and warm and ideal for cold days.

I received three pairs of shoes and I chose three different pairs. Well, the first two are the same boots but in different colour and I plan to give the black pair to my mum. She will be all over the moon when I give this pair to her since she loves boots as well (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!).  I also ordered some clothes for her from the plus size section and I can't wait to receive these as well (hopefully soon).

These are black boots with glitter all over them (how cute!), a black faux fur on top and a bow at the back. Sizing is ok but when ordering these boots, please choose a size up (and I am not talking for the asian or chinese sizes, this is for all similar boots in the market). The addition of the fur inside the boot makes it smaller and a size 37 (uk 4) feels like 36 (uk 3). So I normally wear 37 but when buying this type of boots, I size up and order 38.

Black boots

Brown boots

Unfortunately, the boots I am currently wearing are out of stock but you can find other options here.

These boots are for my mum, they are brown and thick and will be perfect for cold days.
Brown boots

The quality is great and these are well made, the only thing that bothered me is the scent. The had a strong industrial scent when these arrived but I left them for a day outside the house and the strong scent is gone. It was a strong scent of glue but thankfully they don't smell like this anymore.

*I received these items for free but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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