Face masks - what I used recently

Face masks! They are essential to my beauty routine and I love to discover new brands and masks I haven't tried before. I try to use one every other day, that makes a total of 3 or 4 masks a week.  I usually do masks late at night when we finish our dinner while watching tv. We are looking for new shows to watch so any recommendations are welcome.

Here are the masks I recently tried and the results I got from using them.

Skin Up Anti-wrinkle Face mask
This is the best mask I used recently and I bought this from a local shop here that had a 50% discount on selected masks. If they knew what this mask did to the skin, they would probably increase the price, not lower it because this mask is simply amazing, but this is just my opinion.

This is a powder that you mix with warm water and apply on your face. It has the most weird green colour. Application can be messy and I used a brush to apply it evenly.

-left it on for 25 minutes
-after 15 minutes it started to dry 
-gave me a tingling and tight feeling
-after 25 minutes it was fully dry and I couldn't move my face
-it was like I put concrete on my face haha
-removing the mask is a pain but totally worth it
-amazing results (soft and clean skin, bright, firm, plump, smooth surface, revitilized, wrinkles around my mouth were softened)
Will totally buy this again and I hope they have it in stock, it gave me amazing results and I haven't seen so many great results from a mask in a long time.

Bielenda LaserXTreme Sheet mask
-thick sheet
-unfolds easily
-weird fit
-no scent
-wasn't wet/moisturised enough to last for long
-not enough moisture
-cooling effect
-it dried after 15 minutes
-minimal results
-my skin was moisturised (only)
I didn't like this mask and it did nothing to my skin. It dried after 15 minutes and the fit wasn't right for me. Won't repurchase.
Rate: ♥

Beauty Formulas charcoal mask
-comes in a 2-step (gel cleanser+mask)
- cleansing gel is thick, lathers well but smells awful, like burnt plastic
-mask has also a strong scent
-like UHU glue
-thankfully it disappears after a few minutes
- mask is a thick gel that applies nicely
-the quantity in the sachet isn't enough to cover my whole face, my forehead was uncovered
-peels off nicely (it hurt a little bit)
-pulled out a few blackheads and also a lot of facial hair
-skin feels clean and bright
-skin doesn't feel soft and feels tight, needs moisturising asap

Overall it's a good mask but I didn't like how my skin felt afterwards and quantity was less than other peel off masks.

Etude House Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask
-the thinnest mask I tried so far
-soft texture
-too much essence on it, watery and was dripping
-strong scent - didn't like it
-left it on for 25 minutes
-there was more essence left, didn't dry on me so I massaged it afterwards to absorb
-offered hydration
-dewy skin
-results didn't last for long

So these are the face masks I used recently. I am really impressed with the Skin Up face mask and I can't wait to re-purchase and use it again.

What have you tried recently that gave you amazing results?

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