Three lip glosses I have been wearing

I don't think I have ever done a post on lip gloss before, however, I own a large number that I rarely used before. In winter with the terrible windy weather, the last thing you want is sticky lip gloss all over you face and cheeks and hair stuck in your mouth and caught on lip gloss.

But in summer, my preferences change completely. I enjoy wearing lighter versions and formulas and on days when I am only wearing SPF since it is too hot to do a full makeup face, lip gloss is one of the lip products I enjoy. I have been using three lip glosses lately and let's see which ones.

Bourjois Paris BB Gloss 5 in 1 #02 - have you seen a bb lip product before? If your answer is no, I haven't seen one either and if you said yes, please tell me what you tried so far. This 5 in 1 product from Bourjois protects the lips with the addition of rose wax, hydrates and moisturises the lips with the almond oil in the ingredients, nourishes the lips and  helps to create a healthy looking complexion. Plus, it gives a lovely shine and soft colour on the lips.

This lip gloss comes in two shades, #01 which is a cool pink and #02 a light coral shade. I chose the second since I don't own a coral lip gloss and because this one looks great in olive and medium toned skins. My lips feel amazing when I wear this one and they feel hydrated and smooth. It only gives a hint of colour on the lips, on my hand the colour shows more but on the lips it looks lighter but it's the perfect companion for no makeup days.

NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu - this lip gloss has the nicest and sweetest scent I met in a lip gloss. It smells like vanilla or freshly baked cookies and you literally want to eat it. It is a beautiful nude shade in a buttery soft formula that moisturises my lips to the fullest and gives a beautiful brown pinkish colour.

Best part? It doesn't feel sticky but it feels slightly patchy when applied but it is buildable and gives my face a fresh feeling. The colour looks amazing on me.

Max Factor Gloss Cube - this lip gloss comes in 10 shades to choose from and this one is a dark nude shade. It feels extremely moisturising and gives a lovely colour and healthy shine to my lips. To my surprise, it doesn't feel sticky at all and it is not completely sheer, it gives plenty of colour to the lips.

This shade compliments my smokey eye so much and it does not settle to my lips' lines. It can be worn on its own or I sometimes like to layer it on top of a darker nude lipstick to give extra colour and shine to my lips. This one stays longer on my lips than the other three lip glosses, the other two disappear within an hour. 

Do you wear lip gloss? Which one is your fave?

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