Things I love on Sundays

Game of Thrones - my favourite tv-show ever, I mean, if you are not watching this, you should. When I first started watching it, it took me a while to get to used to this kind of plot, I am more of a 'Friends' or 'Sex and the City' or 'How I met your mother' kind of watcher, so it was difficult for me to adapt to this.
I even watched the first episode three times before deciding to give this another chance and I don't regret it. The characters, the plot, the story, the effects, the beautiful landscapes and the dialogues are fascinating. And I am so sad this season has fewer episodes, I want more of this!

Ice cream - this is a tradition that we started last summer. Every Sunday afternoon, we go out and grab our favourite ice cream. I always eat the same flavours, which is funny because when it comes to food choices, I always like to try new things and new tastes but with ice cream, I love orange flavoured chocolate, lemon sorbet and raspberry. I could eat that every day!

Taking Tyrion for a long walk - we both enjoy long walks so he is my partner in crime. I sometimes take my iced cold coffee with me while he runs and plays in the fields and he enjoys seeing both of us at home on Sundays where the family of us three are all together.

Blue skies - hopelessly romantic as I am, I love everything about the sky; the white clouds, the stars and the moon, the beautiful sunset that blows my mind every time. After we get our ice cream, we usually go somewhere quiet, a park or take Tyrion for a walk and enjoy the beautiful sky. I could sit in a park and look at the sky for hours.

The feeling of the sand - is there a better feeling for Sunday morning? The warm golden sand on my feet while relaxing and enjoying the day, the sound of the waves and the light breeze on my face. Perfection! Two days ago we woke up at 6.00am and went to the beach, it was strange for me since I need my coffee first thing in the morning, I need 30 minutes to wake up and then face the world. But it was such an amazing experience, the sun was at early age coming from the sea and it was such a beautiful day.

Watermelon and halloumi - it's a strange combo to eat but here in Cyprus it's a 'traditional' food to eat, watermelon is sweet and halloumi is salty so these two go perfectly together. We eat this mostly at night since we want something light to eat on Sundays.

Flip flops -  I spend my weekend wearing only flip flops and who can blame me? As soon as I finish work on Friday and get home, high sandals or wedges are put away in my closet and flip flops are out. They are so comfortable I wear them around the house, to the beach, when going out paired with a maxi dress, you get the point, I love flip flops :)

Fresh nails - I used to paint my nails every Friday and do a new fresh colour but I changed that to Sundays. I make my frappe (iced coffee) in the morning and sit outside in my veranda and I do a fresh coat of nail polish. I usually change my colour every week, it's pink, then white, then coral and mint, I get bored easily.

Dressing up and going out for lunch - Sunday is our off day since we are both not working on Sundays and we love to go out and grab some lunch. And it is usually junk food, I love hot dogs or pizza or a delicious burger with fries, yum! Cannot wait for today's lunch!! And of course, I love to play dress up and wear one of my beautiful summer dresses.
 (Dress* from Sammydress)

Browsing my favourite websites - what a better way to end a beautiful Sunday than to do a little shopping? Here I have some items I have been saving to my cart for ages. 

Black clutch             Gold earrings

How you spend your Sundays? Do you go out or you stay at home and relax?

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