Last weekend of August

How is it already the last weekend of August? Where is summer? Where are my holidays? Why is 2020 almost coming to an end?

Seems like yesterday when we traveled to London (in January), then it was the 2 month lockdown due to the pandemic, then it was the beginning of summer where everything was so strange after the lockdown and now, summer is coming to an end.

My only worry is that, are we going to be back to normal any time soon? Is this thing going to end sometime or are we going to learn to live with it?

Weather wise, it has been soooooo hot here in Cyprus in the last couple of days, it's unbearable. I think this is the only year that I am sick of this heat and this high temperature. You cannot go outside, you feel your face burned in the sun and of course I need to use sunscreen all day and every day.

I miss those beautiful fall days and nights (first time saying this haha) when I could enjoy a glass of wine in the back yard without the humidity 'interfering' and making the whole situation unbearable.

What is the weather in your country like at the moment?

Is the heatwave over or not yet?

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