Three products from Catrice*

Catrice is a beauty brand I tried in the past thanks to their amazing pr that sent me a lovely package the other day with some of their newest releases.
Catrice isn't available at our shops here in Cyprus but it's availabe in this website and there is no need to tell you that I have already visited this website and added like a hundred items in my cart.

Catrice Light Spectrum Strobing Brick* - there are three shades available in this range and I received 030 Candy Cotton*.

It is a powder highlighter with a mixture of colors in a rather small packaging but this isn't a bad thing since it fits any handbag and travel bag. There are five shades in this palette and can be also used as an eyeshadow. Pigmentation is not great, you need to dig the product from the palette and re-apply many times to show in your skin which is sad since it is a beautiful palette.

How I use it: I swirl my makeup brush all over the shades and apply on my cheekbones. It picks so little so I apply again. I wish there were more pink shades in this palette, these shades appear a little dull on my skin, perhaps this palette suits a lighter skin tone.

Catrice Anti-Shine Fixing Spray* - this is a lightweight quick drying spray that can be used as a fixing spray but also as a primer so you have a 2 in 1 product. It feels fresh on the skin and has a mild beautiful floral scent. 

I have been using this spray for the last couple of months and it's ideal for when the temperature is high and my makeup starts melting during the day. The liquid is transparent and the nozzle sprays exactly the right amount. I usually spray no more than 3 and you immediately feel the freshness on the skin.

It needs a couple of seconds to dry and give a matte finish. It keeps my makeup on for longer and absorbs any oils produced during the day, and believe me, my skin is combination to oily and by the end of the day I normally look like a disco ball. So yes, this product works and I am so glad I had the chance to try it.

Catrice 18h Colour & Contour Pencil* - this is the most unusual color for eyes to receive but I know many people love and use pink eyeliner for their makeup looks. It comes in a variety of shades and the price is amazing, under $5.

I tried this one with a couple of looks and it's definitely a hit, it's creamy and easy to work with, lasts for hours without smudging which is a plus but too bad it's not a colour I will use often. I love pink eyeshadow for my looks but pink eyeliner isn't something I love and use.

However, if you see the swatches below, you will see that the shade would be amazing for a lip liner, I haven't thought of trying it on my lips until now I am writing the post, it would look lovely on my lips!

Have you tried anything from Catrice lately?

I know I haven't been able to reply to any of your lovely comments or read your newest posts, I will do this over the weekend where I hope I find some free time between my wedding preparations! Less than a month! Yayy!

*PR products

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