Bodyfarm Body Butters

Hello girls! Today I will share with you my two favourite body butters that I am using at the moment and why I love them so much. I found the Bodyfarm brand last year in Greece and it was recommended to me as I was looking for a body butter with natural ingredients.

This body butter has the thickest texture I have ever met in a body product. Which is good, because you can take it with you while travelling and not be concerned at all that you may spill some, I have other body butters that their consistency is so thin and runny and the product is constantly moving along the jar. 

However, even though they have this thick texture, they are easily absorbed into the skin making it soft and smooth. The Bodyfarm body butters are ideal for dry skin as they provide intensive moisture to dehydrated skin.

Vanilla-Milk Body Butter
Active ingredients (from the site): Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Vitamin E, Olive oil*, Sweet almond*, Sunflower*, Panthenol. (*Organically cultivated).

This body butter has a sweet aroma of vanilla and together with milk, they create a soothing feeling when applied on the skin. I also used this product when I had a nasty burn on my skin last summer. 

My skin was exposed in the sun for hours, and even though I put sunscreen on, I didn't re-apply after an hour or so, and the result was a nasty burn on my back. This treated my burned skin very well gave me pleasant feeling regardless the burning sensation I suffered.

Avocado Body Butter
Active ingredients (from the site): Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Vitamin E, Olive oil*, Sweet almond*, Sunflower*, Panthenol. 
(*Organically cultivated).

Avocado is such a strange ingredient to find in a beauty product. I was sceptical whether to buy this or not, I thought that it would have a strange smell. But the scent of it is really pleasant and avocado is full of vitamins A and B.

These products are mineral oil free, silicone free, parabens free and propylene glycol free. 

Have you ever tried this brand? What is your favourite scent regarding body products?


  1. I love it when body butters have a very thick texture, so these sound totally amazing! Vanilla milk sounds like it would smell totally amazing, plus it's packed with so many natural ingredients. :) x Thanks for sharing, hun!


  2. i love body butters!! i make solid ones for when i travel, but i am happy using the original forms all day! and the scents. yummy!!

  3. I love using body butters, these sound lovely!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  4. these sound really nice, I like a thick consistency from my body butter!

  5. Both sound really nice! But scent-wise I'd probably go for vanilla :-)

  6. Mmm! The Body butters sound amazing - especially the Vanilla Milk one! I love anything vanilla scented. Sunburns are the worst, hope it healed up quickly :)

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  7. They look and sound really lovely! Thanks for sharing the review. Gemma x

  8. These body butters look heavenly! I so want to try them out.

  9. Love the sound of the thick texture on this - its something I look for in a moisturiser during summer. The vanilla and milk mix sound like they'd have an amazing scent too! x

    Viva Epernay

  10. I love Body Butters but I find that some can be quite greasy but these sounds just lovely!

  11. I love Body butter, I use em in all seasons. The thicker the body butter, the better I like it :) x