The coldest week of the year

Last week, we experienced some extreme temperatures that lasted for days, the greek weather specialists called this phenomeno as 'Sophia' and the next one 'Tilemachos'.

I don't understand why they give names to these storms but they have the tendency to do it.  So, in other words, Sophia and Telemachos decided to make an apperance and showed us the real face of winter: snowfall, low temperatures (when you live in Cyprus and you have 8 months of summer, you are not used to any low temperatures).

These low temperatures make me miss summer even more. I mean, who enjoys sitting at home and not being able to go outside, run errands or go for a walk? You do this one, two, three days in a row, you get cozy with a cup hot coffee, Netflix etc but after the three days, I wanna go outside, I wanna do other things as well, you know what I mean? 

Plus, this weather requires layering which I enjoy very much, don't get me wrong, I love fashion and I enjoy putting together outfits every day, but I hate wearing too many pieces; socks, boots, two long sleeve t-shirts to keep me warm, a cardigan, a coat, a jacket, a scarf, gloves, leg warmers, omg, so many pieces to wear every single day. In contrast, here comes summer with its beautiful weather where you wear a nice dress, flip flops and you are ready!

This week, I wore this beautiful red fluffy coat* I received from SheIn 4 days in a row. It was the perfect coat for this weather and how beautiful is the color!! I wore it with jeans for day one, next day I paired it with leggings and a long black sweater, day three was black tights, a short leather skirt and a black scarf and day four was again jeans, this coat and different pair of boots. You see, this colour looks amazing with black, looks classy and elegant.

I also wore this lovely pleated coat* I already have in my wardrobe but I ordered it in this color too. When you love an item, you gotta have it in all colours, yes?

*I was given these items for free but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.
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