Cyprus - a beautiful summer destination

If you are looking for the perfect summer destination, I've got you covered. Cyprus. My island. This beauty.

Either it's spring or summer that you are visiting, this place is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe.

 (Agia Thekla church)

Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean sea and it is well known for its beautiful beaches, the crystal clear blue waters, gold sand and incredible views. Also, the greenery and the endless fields that grow beautiful wild flowers, the fields are so beautiful and bright and look so proud underneath the sun.

The weather is normally sunny and hot. The seasons here are not 4 but almost 2, spring and fall last so little. We jump into summer as soon as April ends and we have almost 8 months of warm summer weather.

For those who don't know, Cyprus is divided since 1974, where Turkey invated the north part of my country and still holds and occupies it. My dad's house is in the north part and we can't visit it, which is sad since he left all his memories and belongings there.

I was born and raised in a beautiful village near the sea, boy I was a lucky girl. My hometown is beautiful and also near popular holiday destinations like Ayia Napa and Protaras. These two resorts are the most popular for summer vacation located in the south east coast. 

Today I have a photography album of my part of this beautiful island. I took most of these photos last week when we were visiting and I also added a few that I took last summer.

(Limanaki beach)
(Agioi Anargyroi)


If you are looking for a unique destination where you will spend most of your time relaxing at the beach, enjoying the sun and hot weather whilst drinking an exotic cocktail and create beautiful memories, this is your place!

I will post a second part soon, you can see from the photos that this place is 'quiet' at the moment, the holiday season usually starts in May so I will come back with more photos of the nightlife here and the busy beaches and bars.

(Malama beach)

(Ayia Thekla beach)

I hoped you enjoyed this different post, I want people to know my country and also the history behind it so I will be posting more soon.

Thank you for visiting and I will see you soon!

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