Getting ready for those chilly days

With August coming to an end (why, oh why, I love summer and this one went soooo fast, I am not ready to say goodbye yet) and those chilly days and nights approaching, I find myself browsing clothing websites and preparing wishlists for fall. I certainly don't need any new clothes, my closet is about to explode any minute now, but I cannot help it. My hands have a mind of their own and click so fast to enter my fave websites and I click, click, click and add to cart, clothes, long dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. And I entered Rosegal.

As much as I love floral, printed and colourful clothes for spring and summer, in fall and winter comes the monochrome phase. Black, grey and that's it!! I would love to incorporate more colour but somehow, black and grey make me feel 'safe' these cold winter days. 

I made an exception to this rule and added this floral baseball jacket, I imagine myself wearing it with a pair of skinny ripped jeans, a white top and these beautiful white sequin shoes. For the office, this pleated black skirt paired with a black sweater and a pair of black boots have me covered for cold days. I would look so elegant with this skirt, who do I think I am and where I work? Vogue? I wish! The skirt is so pretty and it can be dressed up or down depending the occasion.

White Sequin Shoes            Oversized Cardigan  

How is the weather in your part? Has summer came to an end? Have you started preparing for fall?

*This wishlist is in collaboration with Rosegal.

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